What’s Your Metal? The Right Metal Garden Furniture For Your Lifestyle

Where do you live? What style sends your heart racing? Will the space where your new metal garden furniture is placed be used for family gatherings or a private place for you to relax at the end of the day? What is your budget? Considering these questions will help guide you in the direction for the best outdoor furniture selection that is right for you! Metal is one of the oldest and most revered materials associated with the production of garden furniture. It continues to be an innovative and stunning choice today. It is extremely durable, versatile in terms of design preferences, and provides so many options for finish applications ranging from gracefully subtle to really bold and high tech. No matter what your needs and price range, there is a type of metal frame for you. If you live near the coastline, sea salt and humidity are factors which will affect your decision. Stainless steel is usually high end in terms of price and quality and is a near perfect choice for environmental conditions near the ocean. Aluminum and wrought iron can be considered as well but be aware that they must be finished properly and maintained to prevents pitting and rusting.

On the other hand, if you live in the Midwest where metal garden furniture must be able to withstand cold, snow, wind, and rain, there are some great advantages to wrought iron and some types of aluminum. The weight keeps the furniture stable and the inherent properties of the metal make them strong and less susceptible to winter damage such as cracking and breaking.

If you will be moving furniture around periodically, whether it be for an outdoor garden party, or a poolside gathering, it is important to consider the weight of the metal. In this case, aluminum furniture, made with tubular extrusions, while still gaining the benefit of more durability than other materials, might be a better choice than the heavier wrought iron pieces. Wrought iron garden furniture should not be confused with cast iron furniture. They each serve very different aesthetic goals as well as functional qualities. Similarly, garden furniture made with mild steel should never be confused with stainless steel. Likewise extruded aluminum is very different from cast aluminum. All of these metals and processes will produce different results in terms of style, function, and costs. More on design, style, and other important facts for each of these materials can be found by reading the articles in this series for each of the above mentioned metals.

For those with an eclectic mindset or looking for something different in metal garden furniture there are many new mixed media choices blending the best of two worlds. Metal bases and frames mixed with wood, stone, tile, resin, and glass offer some of the most exciting pairings in new outdoor furniture design today.